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Refund and Cancelation Policy

Although the finer details of the terms and conditions between the three main services which i-core2 LTD offer may differ; hosting, web design and digital marketing, this statement is to underline that the i-core2 LTD refund and cancelation policy remains the same throughout.

i-core2 LTD require 30 days written notice via email or letter to head office to cancel an account. Any payments still due within 30 days after the cancelation date will still be collected. If a minimum term contract is in place, 30 days notice cannot be accepted until 30 days before the final date of the minimum term.

i-core2 LTD offer refunds at their own discretion. When evidence of an error on the part of i-core2 LTD is clear, i-core2 LTD may offer compensation of an amount to be agreed between i-core2 LTD and the customer. Should the situation in question warrant a full refund, for example, if the service had not been provided, i-core2 LTD will offer a refund for the full, or part of the service in question.

Some of i-core2 LTD services offer the option of paying a nonrefundable deposit for i-core2 LTD to begin the work with the remaining balance due upon completion. The buyer has the option to cancel this agreement at anytime but the original deposit will not be refunded. If cancelled, the buyer is not entitled to receive any of the work completed up to the point of cancelation.

Chargebacks / Disputes

i-core2 LTD endeavour to settle any disputes in a professional and considerate way. Any dispute or complaint must be sent in writing to customerservice@i-core2.com or in letter form to head office (address below). i-core2 LTD will contact you and work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

However, in the event of i-core2 LTD receiving notice of a credit card chargeback, PayPal dispute, or otherwise similar means to draw funds paid on an active product and/or service i-core2 LTD will; IMMEDIATELY suspend the related services and products (this includes domains), mark the original invoice as unpaid and place an immediate cancellation request for ALL of the your products and services on your behalf.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these terms and conditions, you may contact us using the information below.

i-core2 LTD
Trinity Offices
114 Northenden Rd
M33 3HD
0161 291 1282