Web Design, SEO and Hosting?

Why do we offer all three services?

They all overlap, more than you probably realise

Assuming a website has business purpose, web design must be approached with SEO and marketing in mind – what audience is the site intended for? What sort of person are they? How can the design of the site maximise enquiries from this specific demographic? Would you expect a web design ‘only’ company to give these questions the amount of thought and research they deserve? Our team of marketing experts work very closely with our design team, the way it should be. As well as looking beautiful, our websites are designed to maximise the potential from any incoming traffic.

Amongst our marketing team are SEO experts; these are the guys that provide the ongoing work to get your site on page one of the search engines. But they are also involved in the design of our sites, ensuring that the very building blocks are put together in the most optimised way. The route to page one of Google is much shorter when a site has been designed with SEO in mind.

Did you know that SEO is more than just optimising the pages on a website? The very structure upon which the site is built can also be optimised and actually plays a major role in our SEO strategys. You’d be amazed at how many sites out there simply fail to rank down to some inconspicuous structural error which is preventing the site from being crawled properly by the search engines. And what about the domain name you choose? Did you know how crucial it is to get this bit right in order to help your site rank? Our hosting professionals are intertwined into all aspects of our SEO and web design. Our hosting is fast and secure, as expected. But more importantly, it is based around helping your business succeed.

You can’t do one properly without involving the other. So we provide ‘one’ team made up of three expertise… web design, SEO and hosting.

We’re a UK based company with registered offices in Manchester.

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We offer our services through our client area. This keeps things straight forward and transparent. All our clients have a secure online account from which they can order and monitor the services they require. From here you can order domain names and hosting, but also marketing packages and web design products. And best of all, clients who host with us enjoy big discounts on the products and services we offer.

Feel free to speak to one of the team today by calling our customer service line on 0161 291 1282. Or simply fill out the contact form here to get things moving.

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